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Band, Tubular and Strip Heaters

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Drum and Barrel Heater with Thermostat Control

Designed for rapid heating and melting of thick liquids to facilitate handling in open containers. Standard heaters are 18" in diameter with a 36" riser to fit 55 gallon drums. Construction : Drum heaters are constructed with coiled nickel-chrome alloy heating elements. The single tube riser and triple loop heating coil is reinforced to give added stability. The heaters are sheathed in steel or stainless steel depending on liquids to be heated. They are equipped with automatic thermostat control. Applications : Waage drum heaters are immersed in the top of an open drum to melt or liquify grease, paraffin, wax or any other thick or congealed liquid. When used to melt solids the heater is placed on top of the substance; as melting occurs, ...

Narrow Type Strip Heater

Type SX-Sheath temperature 1200 degree F and 1500 degree F. Designed for heavy duty, high temperature applications. New size, 5/8" wide, lends a flexibility to its use not applicable to conventional 1-1/2" strips. Flat surface gives better heat transfer than tubular units and its one-end termination provides simplicity of wiring. CONSTRUCTION: Coiled nickel-chromium elements, precisely located within stainless steel tubular sheath, insulated with magnesium oxide, are flattened under hydraulic pressure to form a rigid flat heater bar. Terminals are fully insulated and enclosed in porcelain blocks. Clamps are available for mounting. Specify voltage when ordering.

Stainless Steel Cartridge Heater

Maximum Temperature: 750 F - 1250 degrees F; 115-230V. Designed for use in dies, platens, forming tools or wherever a hole can be drilled to supply concentrated heat efficiently. CONSTRUCTION: A coiled nickel-chromium resistance wire is supported on refractory bodies and packed with refractory material to conduct heat to the sheath. Standard units come with 10" asbestos leads covered with woven glass. INSTALLATION: Drill hole through the object being heated wherever possible to facilitate removal for replacement or exchange. SPECIAL FEATURES AND PRICES ON REQUEST: Special length leads. Right angle elbow and moisture proof greenfield. Sealed ends. Reinforced leads. Minimum order charge: $20.00 net. High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters ...

Stainless Steel Strip Heater

Type SHE-Maximum Sheath Temperature 1200 degree F 1-1/2 inches wide, with Mounting Holes. CONSTRUCTION: Made with a seamless, stainless steel sheath into which is inserted a high-quality nickel chrome resistance wire, insulated from the sheath and supported on a refractory material packed with magnesium oxide powder. These materials have been selected for maximum heat transfer consistant with highest dielectric. Terminals are stainless steel and are securely anchored to prevent twisting out under normal conditions. With our flexible production methods, you may order special wattages to suit your needs. If two or more heaters are used, connections may easily be made to give three heats, or automatic regulation. Specify voltage when ordering.

Tubular Heater

Adaptable to a wide variety of industrial heating applications. May be clamped against a surface, immersed in liquid or used to heat air in ovens or ducts. Can be formed to any desired shape for heating by radiation, conduction or by convection. A coiled nickel-chromium resistance wire is embedded in refractory material enclosed (incased) in a seamless sheath of brass, steel, stainless steel, or titanium. Minimum Charge: because of the set-up required to produce these units a minimum order charge of $20.00 applies.

URN Type Heater

Designed for installation in coffee urns, steam tables and other shallow containers. These heaters are of two coil construction suitable for a 3-heat control switch. They are made to pass through a 3-5/8" diameter hole when the outlet box is removed. The heater element is installed in a 2-7/16" diameter hole in the bottom of the vessel or container. The heater is copper sheathed and has a 4" outlet box with locknut and gasket. UL listed and available in Titanium.