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Waage Shield - Hot Melt Strippable Coating

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WAAGE® SHIELD - Hot Melt Strippable Protective Coating

Waage Electric also offers a complete line of Hot Melt Strippable Protective Coatings. These protective coatings are strong, moisture resistant and form to save space. These coatings envelope the item but do not adhere. Transparent coatings are available as well as colors to aid in production identification, inventory control and product appeal. The coatings are very easily applied by immersing the item to be protected in the molten plastic for 1-2 seconds and withdrawn. It will solidify within a minute and is protected. The coating is removed by slitting and peeling like a banana. We recommend Waage electrically heated thermostatically controlled wax tanks to effectively apply hot melt protective coating.

Modern thermoplastic ...
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Wire Stripping Pot (Salt Pot) 200-800 Degree F

Removes coatings from magnet wire in seconds. Removes polyvinyl, polyurethane and nylon, polyimide and polyamide-inide insulations rapidly. Removes all types of insulations or coatings from copper wire or copper-clad aluminum wire. When required, this pot will reach and operate at 1000 degree F.