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Item # RFQ, Tubular Heater

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Adaptable to a wide variety of industrial heating applications. May be clamped against a surface, immersed in liquid or used to heat air in ovens or ducts. Can be formed to any desired shape for heating by radiation, conduction or by convection. A coiled nickel-chromium resistance wire is embedded in refractory material enclosed (incased) in a seamless sheath of brass, steel, stainless steel, or titanium. Minimum Charge: because of the set-up required to produce these units a minimum order charge of $20.00 applies.



Stainless Steel

Maximum Watts Per Linear Inch In Air


Maximum Watts Per Linear Inch In Oil


Maximum Watts Per Linear Inch In Water


Outside Diamter (Nominal)

1/4 Or (0.260) in.

Sheath Length

30 in.


115 Volts

 Replacement Parts 

Empty Square
Replacement Elements

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