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Shipping and Sales Tax
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Final order amount including shipping and applicable taxes will be communicated following receipt of your order.

Applicable taxes will be communicated following receipt of your order.

Payment Methods
Shipping and Sales Tax] [Payment Methods] [Terms and Conditions]
Payment methods accepted:
Credit Card

Credit Cards Accepted:
Master Card
American Express

Terms and Conditions
Shipping and Sales Tax] [Payment Methods] [Terms and Conditions]
TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE 1. Any provisions or conditions of Buyer's order which are in any way inconsistent with, or in addition to, Seller's terms and conditions shall not be binding on Seller, and shall not be applicable, except with Seller's written consent. No changes in, modification of, or additions to the terms and conditions on the face or reverse side of this form shall be binding on Seller unless made in writing and signed by a representative of Seller duly authorized for that purpose. 2. WARRANTY These products are sold by Waage Electric, Inc. ("Waage) under the warranty set forth in the following paragraph. Such warranty is extended only with respect to a purchase of these products, as new merchandise, directly from Waage or from a Waage distributor or representative, and is extended only to the first buyer thereof who purchases them other than for the purpose of sale. Waage warrants that the merchandise sold by it will, upon shipment, be free of defects in workmanship or material. Should any failure to conform to the warranty become apparent during a period of six (6) months after the date of shipment, Waage shall, upon prompt written notice from the Buyer, correct such non-conformity by repair or replacement [F.O.B. factory] of the defective part or parts. Correction in the manner provided above shall constitute a fullfillment of all liability of Waage with repect to the quality of the products. (See "Limitation of Liability" below.) THE FOREGOING WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER WRITTEN, ORAL, STATUTORY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The foregoing warranty does not extend to the following situations, and Waage has no responsibility in such situations: a) With respect to any product that the Buyer or its agents have failed to store, install, operate, inspect or maintain in accordance with the Seller's recommendations. b) With respect to any variation in wattage, voltage, or phase unless the specific wattage, voltage, or phase desired by the Buyer has been specified to Waage by the Buyer in writing. In the case of such a written specification, wattage is guaranteed to a manufacturing tolerance of +/-5%. c) With respect to the performance of a heating system or process unless the heating system or process has been designed in its entirety by Waage. d) With respect to a Waage melting tank built for the handling and melting of oils, plastics, and similar substances, where the tank has been used while unattended. Such tanks are designed for use only while attended by personnel and must be de- energized during periods of non-attention. e) THIS WARRANTY IS VOID IF THE MACHINE HAS BEEN DAMAGED BY ACCIDENT OR UNREASONABLE USE, CHEMICAL ATTACK, NEGLECT, IMPROPER SERVICE OR OTHER CAUSES NOT ARISING OUT OF DEFECTS IN MATERIALS OR WORKMANSHIP OR MECHANICAL DEFECTS. 3. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy and Waage's sole and exclusive liability to Buyer hereunder is limited to repair or replacement, at Waage's option, of the products sold hereby and Waage's liability, whether based upon warranty, contract, tort or negligence, shall not in any case exceed the cost of correcting defects in the goods as herein provided. WAAGE SHALL IN NO EVENT BE LIABLE IN CONTRACT OF IN TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE) FOR SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SUCH AS, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, LOSS OF PROFITS OR REVENUE, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE, OR ANY OTHER DAMAGES, COSTS OR EXPENSES WHICH MIGHT BE CLAIMED AS THE RESULT OF THE USE OR FAILURE OF THE GOODS SOLD HEREBY, EXCEPTING ONLY THE COST OR EXPENSE OF REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT AS ABOVE DESCRIBED. 4. ERROR OR SHORTAGE IN SHIPMENT In the event of an error or shortage in the shipment, Waage Electric must be notified immediately, after 30 days no adjustment is possible. 5. DAMAGED SHIPMENT If this shipment is damaaged in transit, report loss to the delivering carrier and then write Waage advising details. Hold contents and packagin pending written instructions. Be sure to specify Waage Invoice Number. 6. INFORMATION FOR RETURNING SHIPMENT If for any reason, you wish to return this shpment do not send it collect, all collect shipments are automatically refused. If you have a valid reason for refusing delivery, we will credit your account for the expense involved in returning the same.
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