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Tubular Heater

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Adaptable to a wide variety of industrial heating applications. May be clamped against a surface, immersed in liquid or used to heat air in ovens or ducts. Can be formed to any desired shape for heating by radiation, conduction or by convection. A coiled nickel-chromium resistance wire is embedded in refractory material enclosed (incased) in a seamless sheath of brass, steel, stainless steel, or titanium. Minimum Charge: because of the set-up required to produce these units a minimum order charge of $20.00 applies.

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Item #

Maximum Watts Per Linear Inch In Air

Maximum Watts Per Linear Inch In Oil

Maximum Watts Per Linear Inch In Water

Sheath Length


RFQ 27 17 33 96 in. 230 Volts
RFQ 30 20 40 96 in. 230 Volts
RFQ 40 27 55 96 in. 230 Volts
  Results 76 - 78 of 78 1 2 3 4